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April 25, 2015

I’m Allergic to…EVERYTHING?!

I finally got fed up with not knowing what was making me sick toward the end of my Whole30. I’d been saying I was going to go to a wholistic doctor for years, but “the time was never right”, you know? So I did it, I broke down and found someone reasonably priced in my area who’s website wan’t hokey (because let’s face it, in this day and age, if your website is ugly or doesn’t function the way I want it to, you’re out and I assume whatever you’re selling ain’t worth it). 
Anyway, I was a little nervous about finding the perfect wholistic doctor. They had to be the right amount of crunchy and natural vitamins but zero amounts of feng shui and ripping me off for thousands of dollars. Believe me if you start googling “wholistic doctor atlanta” you’ll see what I mean. Well, I found one that seemed well balanced at http://www.wmsoa.com/ and made an appt. 
Long story short, Dr. B ran several tests for vitamin deficiencies, immune system function, and a food sensitivity panel. It turns out, I am allergic/sensitive to basically ALL THE FOODS. Ok that’s dramatic, but still…its a lot. He recommended some vitamins like Vitamin D, a probiotic, etc and suggested I eliminate all the foods I’m sensitive to for 2 months. I’ve included a scan of my food sensitivity results and there’s a key at the bottom that explains how to read the numbers, but basically if its in red text I can’t eat it. Yes, chocolate is on there. Life = over.

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