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August 6, 2015

The Bakery That Saved My Life

Someone at my chiropractor’s office, back when I first found out about all of my food issues a few months ago, mentioned a bakery in downtown Roswell that cooked without any of the top 8 allergens including wheat/gluten, dairy, and eggs. Praise anything and everything, my life wasn’t over after all!

Fast forward to this afternoon. I’d been partaking in Gluten Free Cutie‘s cupcakes for awhile, and I was in love them. Those cupcakes put a spell on me. Anyway, I heard recently that they had a mac n cheese that actually tasted like mac n cheese. Sounded sketchy, but I still had to try it. So, I headed over this afternoon and picked up a Fried Green BT Slider with a side of Farmhouse Mac n Cheese and since I was there, what the heck, I threw in a Cookies n Creme cupcake. ALL of this, again, gluten, dairy, and egg free (also a bunch of other things free but those are the ones I care about soooo).

I was supposed to be meeting up with my sister, so I took it to go and ate it in the parking lot but grabbed some quick iphone pics anyway!

I basically inhaled this slider. TO. DIE. FOR. Seriously, killer.

Ok, the main reason I went – the mac n cheese. I fed my sister a bite without telling it was weird food and she loved it. This stuff tastes like its full of actual cheese. HOW DO THEY DO THAT?! Also, what is it made of?? I have got to find out!

I already knew the cupcakes were delish, but I took a picture anyway. They’re just so pretty!

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