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August 5, 2015

Vegan Blueberry Lime “Cheesecake” – A Review

With all of my weird food sensitivities and what not, I’ve been trying to find new ways to make things that don’t include wheat, dairy, or eggs (my main problem causers). Well, I needed to bring a dessert to my grandparent’s pool party thing this past weekend, and this was the perfect opportunity to try a recipe! 
I found this Vegan Blueberry Lime Cheesecake recipe on pinterest, and it looked tasty so I got to cookin! 
Verdict: flavor is great and very summery, but need to try variations to get the texture of the filling to be more smooth. Mine came out a bit grainy from the ground cashews. The pictures from the original recipe look more smooth, but I’m not sure what I did differently. Anyway, the topping is excellent, and this actually kind of tastes like a cheesecake. My favorite part was the crust. It had 2 ingredients and held up surprisingly well.
So there you have it. 

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