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May 29, 2016

Baby Beach Fun!

About a week and a half ago, I crashed my second family’s vacation and brought my niece with me. We had the best time, and I could not stop taking pictures of this little watermelon baby! I mean look at those cheeks!

Little diva girl 🙂

On our last day, we had a beach photoshoot complete with cake by the ocean (and cake in Kathleen’s face, ha!)

She kills me – look at that happy baby!

Erin and her little guy with the best hair ever!

These two are too cute for life!

Oh man, if you’re looking for a marriage to look up to, these two have the best one. I call them Aunt and Uncle and consider them my “extra parents”, though we’re not really related at all. Happy, beautiful people with hearts of gold. Just love these two 🙂

3 sisters in the middle: Erin, Deb, and Kathleen. Me and Savannah (vaca mooching friends) on the far left and far right).

My beach fam! My life long bff, Deb, my niece and I 🙂

Wishing I was back at the beach with these amazing friends already!

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