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June 2, 2016

When You Have a Succulent Photoshoot

My name is Sarah, and I obsessively buy plants and cute planter pots…obsessively. The other day I found another adorable pot at Anthropologie – had to have it, duh. Problem was now I needed more succulents to put in this pot! Trip to Home Depot!
I was planting all of my new succulents and rearranging my old ones when I decided to have a succulent photoshoot. Don’t judge me. I’ve been needing some decorative images that matched my brand for my new website anyway (coming soon!), so I set up a mini studio in my kitchen because that’s where the pretty light was. This is normal right? 😉
I am LOVING the way these turned out, and now I think I’m going to print some for my office! Spontaneous art accomplished 🙂succulents_0011 succulents_0014 succulents_0018 succulents_0020 succulents_0026 succulents_0032 succulents_0033
(From left to right) Gold rectangular pot from Anthropologie, round brown pot from Pikes Nursery, Gray square pot from Whole Foods, and gold and gray cylindrical pot from Anthropologie.







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