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August 15, 2016

Tips for a Successful Family Session

Family sessions can be stressful for parents: will the kids behave, will their smiles look fake, is Dad going to be miserable, is your hair going succumb to the elements and go completely rogue?!
I’ve gathered some tips to help you navigate your family sesh this year with less stress, a happier family, and of course adorable pictures and artwork you’ll be proud to put on the wall!

1. Timing
If your kids are still napping make sure you don’t schedule your session during their normal nap time or too close to their bed time, and make sure they’ve had a snack! Well rested and non “hangry” kiddos (and parents – yes you need a snack too) make for happy smiley pictures.hinman_0007

2. Stop telling your kids to say cheese.
This typically only gets unnatural fake looking smiles. Instead try to make them laugh – tickle them, dance behind me like a crazy person to help get their attention, make funny faces, etc. Have fun! Not only does it make for a cute picture, but it helps to loosen everyone up and get some real and natural smiles going!
3. It’s ok if everyone isn’t looking at the camera for every picture. 
Sometimes candid playful pictures are the best ones! When your family is being playful and interacting with each other you will get pictures that reflect the special connection you have and those are often the pictures my clients cherish the most.

4. Bring water and a small towel
Always bring water, especially if its hot outside, and if anyone (ahem, Dad, cough) has a tendency to collect droplets on their forhead bring a towel to help mop them up between pictures. You’re investing in artwork to hang in your home and cherish forever, and you want to make sure everyone looks happy and dry in the pictures on your walls 😉
If you’re hair has a mind of its own, it might be a good idea to throw some hairspray and a brush in your bag as well to hopefully help keep your hair in line!

5. Don’t bribe the kids…bribe Dad
The kids will just be thinking about their treat or toy or whatever you promised them the whole time, and will be upset that its taking so long to get it. Dad however, might be more willing to cooperate if there’s a steak dinner or a round of Top Golf coming. Dads, I know photo sessions aren’t your favorite, but for just an hour put on your happy face and smile for the camera! These pictures will be important to your kids when they are all grown up and you will love being able to look back at your happy little family 🙂


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