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March 11, 2017

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I prefer the small business owner to big corporate any day because for me its all about connecting with people and building and being a part of a supportive community. I like to feel like I can trust the person I’m working with, creating and designing with, the person who might be helping me maintain my health or maybe mowing my lawn, and I’m thinking you might feel the same way.

So in the interest of making Trulove Photography a business I would want to work with (and hopefully you will too!), I think its high time you and I got to know each other better, don’t you? Here are 10 embarrassing, heart warming, and plain quirky things you may not know about me.

1 I LOVE Shirley Temple movies. I have seen them all, and I frequently get the animal crackers in my soup song stuck my head.

2 I like my food to look pretty. I cook at home a lot and enjoy “plating” my food and photographing it, way more than is normal, before promptly inhaling it. Every. Single. Meal.

3 I have the most awkward disease known to man. I have Ulcerative Colitis – yes that would be an autoimmune disease that causes ulcers in… you guessed it… my colon. Ugh. As you can guess there are many unpleasant and unspeakable symptoms that come when my disease flares up. After many years of research, traditional Doctors, naturopathic Doctors, and several lifestyle changes, I am able to go MUCH longer between flares and am much more healthy and energetic during those calm in betweens 🙂

4 I am a Grandma. Ok not literally, but I know how to do a lot of Grandmotherly things. For instance, I can embroider, knit, AND crochet. I spent a lot of time sleeping over with my Grandma as a kid, and she taught me how to do a lot of handy things! Thanks Grandma!!

5 I am afraid of heights. I will ride any and all roller coasters that twist and go upside down, but will NOT go near acrophobia or goliath at Six Flags. No way Jose.

6 I am not so great at taking criticism. I internalize, I take it way too personally, and I completely overanalyze it for days and days. Its hard to admit because I like to think of myself as strong and someone impervious to “what everyone else thinks”. But that’s just not true. I care what people think – I can’t help it. But hey, I’m a work in progress, and the first step is being aware of your flaws right?

7 I got married when I was 19…yep. Craig was a month away from being 24. People thought we were nuts, they asked why we didn’t just wait a few years, they asked if I was pregnant… We ignored them all and followed our stupid, crazy, young hearts and had a small wedding surrounded by the people who mattered most. Its been almost 8 years and I still think that’s the best decision I’ve ever made 🙂

8 I have a tattoo and I plan to get another just as soon as I convince Craig that sleeves are cool 😉 I just LOVE them!

9 I’ve already planned what kind of old lady I want to be. I’ll be a yoga doing, purple haired, travel all the time, says the craziest things, spends all the time spoiling her grandkids, trendy dressed type of Grandma. I decided this when I was 10.

10 I am the biggest hippie. I love essential oils and candles – my favorite is a blend by DoTerra called Serenity. I like to put a little on before I go to bed to help calm my mind plus it smells amazing. I use natural soaps, detergents, and cleaners in my home as much as possible, I am currently putting together a “yoga room” in my basement, I cannot stop shopping at Anthropologie, I am always happiest when I am outdoors, my home is FILLED with plants, I eat mostly paleo, and I own A LOT of tie dye (I made it all myself). I love the hippie life!

What’s something fun or quirky that I don’t know about you?

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