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July 28, 2017

Removing the Ugly – Cloning before and after

Today, I thought I’d share reasons you should hire me…jk (but for real, haha). I wanted to share a before and after, a reason not to worry if you’re kids don’t make eye contact with the camera in every picture, and even a little tutorial on how I take unworthy and unsightful items out of your gorgeous photographs!

There’s a cool tool in Photoshop called the clone tool. It can select areas of a photograph and be used to paint over another area. For instance, in the image below I “cloned” a section of the fence in order to paint over the people in the background of another section of the fence.

I also use this tool to take a smiling, happy, face of a kid who is making great eye contact and paint over their not so happy face in another photograph. That’s right…I’m a magician.

You too can be a magician! Just select your clone tool in Photoshop. It looks like this:

Hold down the Option (mac) or Alt (PC) key to select the spot you’d like to use to paint over the bad spot, then use your mouse to paint over the area you want to go away. Simple in theory, but it does take some practice and can be very tedious at times!

So now you know how to clone all by yourself, why you shouldn’t stress so much about your kids looking at the camera for every shot, and a bit about the things I do to go the extra mile for my clients – see what I did there – reasons to hire me 😉

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