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- Margaret Fuller 

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September 28, 2017

How do know you when you’ve made it?

Guys. Today something MAJOR slapped me right in the face mid bite of my breakfast taco: I did it. I’m here. I made it. SUCCESS!

I have owned Trulove Photography for 6 years, and I just now feel like “I’ve made it”. I turned this thing into something cool, something profitable, something I. LOVE.

However, I think there are several ways to measure success, and they aren’t all profit based. In the last year, I have taught 2 photography workshops and 2 private beginner photography classes, I did an instagram flat lay photography session for a friend and fellow girlpreneur, started sharing tips on my blog and instagram, and guess what?! People have started to see ME as an expert, as a professional, as the GOD of photography. Ok I got carried away on the last one… BUT it hit me today that people have started to reach out to me for help with their own businesses, with their photography skills, with their social media AND THAT IS SO COOL.

When I started this little thing 6 years ago I never imagined this is where it would take me, but I am loving every minute!

I am overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who has believed in me, referred me, written reviews, partnered with me, and just believed in my business – so THANK YOU. I owe my mid breakfast taco success slap in the face to you, friends!

Never give up – push through the hard days – It’s so worth it.

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