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Sarah Cothran

May 15, 2018

November 15, 2017

Sarah Cothran


Sarah Cothran

September 30, 2017

September 28, 2017

Sarah Cothran

Guys. Today something MAJOR slapped me right in the face mid bite of my breakfast taco: I did it. I’m here. I made it. SUCCESS! I have owned Trulove Photography for 6 years, and I just now feel like “I’ve made it”. I turned this thing into something cool, something profitable, something I. LOVE. However, […]

Sarah Cothran

September 12, 2017

You guys, what an ADORABLE and fun family! Hafsa (the little doll just below) was so interested in my camera and just wanted to help me take pictures the whole time. When I got home, I found a little video she had taken while “we” were photographing her parents. Whoops, haha! We did the session […]

August 13, 2017

Sarah Cothran

Rachel is an ice hockey playing, rad haircut rocking, plaid shirt wearing, authentic girl after my own heart. Fun facts: ice hockey is pretty much the ONLY sport I like to watch, I used to also rock a super short fun haircut, and I wear flannel plaid shirts every chance I get! If there is […]

Sarah Cothran

August 6, 2017

After I launched yet another life goal at him last night, my husband jokingly said to me, “you’re a little all over the place when it comes to careers”. Ok, well that’s true. I want to be a photographer, I want to open a yoga studio, I want to work with the disadvantaged populations in […]

August 1, 2017

Sarah Cothran

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up and came out for my first headshot event at the shops at Vickery Village in Cumming! I had a blast meeting new faces and providing everyone with quick, easy, and creative headshots. I will definitely be doing another event, so keep an eye out for next Headshot […]

Sarah Cothran

July 28, 2017

Today, I thought I’d share reasons you should hire me…jk (but for real, haha). I wanted to share a before and after, a reason not to worry if you’re kids don’t make eye contact with the camera in every picture, and even a little tutorial on how I take unworthy and unsightful items out of […]

June 9, 2017

Sarah Cothran

You know when you stumble upon something you’ve been searching for and it turns out to be the most absolute perfect thing? THAT is this location and this day. All week the weather app on my phone called for rain during this family session, and I thought we would have to reschedule. Then it turned […]



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