Village Yoga is an alignment based traditional yoga studio dedicated to creating an accepting and encouraging yoga community. We offer a variety of class styles, host many workshops and events throughout the year, and partner with other local businesses any chance we get!


Every business I've started has been rooted in a deep seated desire to make the world a better place, my complete inability to sit still, passion for creating, and my eagerness for change.

Sarah C. Photography was my first starter and my motivation was to channel my passion for creative arts into a way to give people confidence. I love to make my clients feel more beautiful than ever by capturing their personality and true selves. 

sarah c. photography

Co-owned and operated with Master Gardener, Andrew Housley, PPC is a creative houseplant company created by a couple of crazy plant people hell bent on sharing our love of greenery with the world. Plants make people happy. It's as simple as that.

paperbush plant co.