"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."
- Margaret Fuller 

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Is Yoga a religion?

Yesterday, someone asked me what I thought about yoga from a religious perspective. She had a friend who shared an article with her which depicted yoga as a “non-Christian” activity and was maybe even connected to evil spirits or something. She wanted to know what I thought and how I handle those types of comments/questions. […]

September 4, 2019

personal, yoga

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How do know you when you’ve made it?

Guys. Today something MAJOR slapped me right in the face mid bite of my breakfast taco: I did it. I’m here. I made it. SUCCESS! I have owned Trulove Photography for 6 years, and I just now feel like “I’ve made it”. I turned this thing into something cool, something profitable, something I. LOVE. However, […]

September 28, 2017

Business, personal, Photography

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I prefer the small business owner to big corporate any day because for me its all about connecting with people and building and being a part of a supportive community. I like to feel like I can trust the person I’m working with, creating and designing with, the person who might be helping me maintain […]

March 11, 2017

life, personal

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Below is one of the smaller temples on the Acropolis.Before this trip I had never been outside of the U.S. and its territories. Ok, I did cruise to the Bahamas once, but I don’t feel that really counts. Regardless, the last weeks this January my oldest friend, my newest friend, and I hit Europe for an […]

February 7, 2017

personal, Uncategorized, Vacation

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Annual Pics + the Best Husband Ever

Every year my husband puts up with me obsessively planning our annual pictures and the prep and obnoxious posing that goes into it. Even more this guy puts up with me EVERY. DAMN. DAY. I am so grateful for his happy face in these pictures, and for rolling with every crazy hair brained idea I throw at […]

December 20, 2016

personal, Roswell

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7 Years of Trulove

7 years. WHAT?! How has 7 years of sushi dates, sarcastic jokes, binge watching superhero shows cuddled on the couch, vacations with friends, Butch Walker concerts, criticizing coffee together, and political kitchen debates already passed by? We’ve changed over the years and managed to do that changing and growing together. This guy is my happiness and […]

June 14, 2016


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The End of a Dancing Era

When your Aunt asks you to photograph your cousin’s last dance recital ever, you say yes because family and love and ballet. There are about a gagillion pictures, but so you’re not scrolling for days I am just sharing some from her solo 😉 Alex has been dancing just about her whole life doing just […]

June 6, 2016

Dance, personal, Seniors

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When You Have a Succulent Photoshoot

My name is Sarah, and I obsessively buy plants and cute planter pots…obsessively. The other day I found another adorable pot at Anthropologie – had to have it, duh. Problem was now I needed more succulents to put in this pot! Trip to Home Depot! I was planting all of my new succulents and rearranging […]

June 2, 2016


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Baby Beach Fun!

About a week and a half ago, I crashed my second family’s vacation and brought my niece with me. We had the best time, and I could not stop taking pictures of this little watermelon baby! I mean look at those cheeks! Little diva girl 🙂 On our last day, we had a beach photoshoot […]

May 29, 2016


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My Eating Habits, Your Questions

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am doing my second Whole30, and you are constantly bombarded with images of my food 😉 I’ve been getting a lot of comments/questions on Insta, Facebook, and even in person (when people see my lunches) about what I am eating, why I am eating it, how […]

May 3, 2016

Food, personal

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