wholistic medicine

This has been the #1 game changer for me! I started seeing a wholistic medicine specialist when traditional medicine wasn't enough to keep my disease at bay. You can click below to get more info about the WMS that I saw. This is NOT a paid endorsement. I just really believe in this practice!

eating clean

Before I started seeing a WMS, I started to clean up diet. A friend had told me about Whole30 and thats where I decided to start. I don't think this program is the end all be all, but it did help me discover my egg allergy and inspired me to create better eating habits!

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Read more health information and tips on the blog! I try to share my experiences with foods, recipes, supplements, and doctors. I've spent years going through trial and error to find the right balance. Hopefully by sharing, I can help others find balance faster!

The Whole30

Dr. Bongiovanni